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Sunday, March 6, 2011

{Wedding} Ann & River

I want to do a Penang Heritage Wedding Photography since long time ago. I'm glad that Ann invite me to help her to capture some sweet moment after her wedding reception. I did not ask her what she like, I did not ask her what her gown and I did not ask what are the colors nor theme. I also did not expect she will wear something other than big white gown. Then she really surprised me with her awesome choice. I love her gown, of course the best thing is she wear it. Of course, my favorite personal model getting married... :p

Ann & River was too tired after the wedding reception but we still manage to have some fun... Just make it real quick. I hope they love the session, love the pictures and enjoy the moment. Last but not least... Apologize for the long waiting time & Thanks for giving me the chance :)

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