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Saturday, October 13, 2012

JP & HC at Penang Heritage

Just to share some of the photos that taken last year Dec 2011 :)

Wedding Collections

It has been a while... Yes... Long time I did not update the blog... I have decided to combine few wedding in one post... Yay...

Kelvin & Snowbell Wedding

JP & HC Wedding

Elwin & Ing Chang Wedding

Jaclyn & Danny Wedding

Ying Li & Xiao Ming Wedding


Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Wedding} Elmen & KimPooi at Port Dickson

Thanks for Elmen & Kim Pooi invited me to their wedding & share their happiness.
I love their sporting brothers & sister and really have fun during the day with them. This is the greatest wedding I ever attend & contributed a lot of “First Time” on it.
The 1st time I… visit Port Dickson, stay at Water Homes with private swimming pool in the room, shoot video in Wedding Actual Day, do the same day edit, see my short clip present on the big projector screen. Btw friends, I love to hear all your praises. I just don’t know how to response on the spot as I’m not really used to it but I would like to say Thank You from my heart.

Happy Ever After to Elmen & Kim Pooi !!!~~~

Elmen & Kim Wedding from DeParadise on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

{Wedding} Ann & River

I want to do a Penang Heritage Wedding Photography since long time ago. I'm glad that Ann invite me to help her to capture some sweet moment after her wedding reception. I did not ask her what she like, I did not ask her what her gown and I did not ask what are the colors nor theme. I also did not expect she will wear something other than big white gown. Then she really surprised me with her awesome choice. I love her gown, of course the best thing is she wear it. Of course, my favorite personal model getting married... :p

Ann & River was too tired after the wedding reception but we still manage to have some fun... Just make it real quick. I hope they love the session, love the pictures and enjoy the moment. Last but not least... Apologize for the long waiting time & Thanks for giving me the chance :)

Click on the pictures to get full album link...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{Wedding} Aderline & Kar Hooi

I was too busy with my schedule recently... What I'm busy on? Busy attending conference, and of course busy to celebrate Chinese New Year & etc... Finally... I get this completed... Sorry for long waiting...

I'm so glad that get invited by Aderline to capture their important day. This is an unforgettable where I'm so impressed by their happy families... Especially the dance after dinner :D